Welcome to the Hands-on Learning Lab

Our team is hoping to change the way our community views dental health. Oral health is such an important piece to our overall health and wellness. It is a privilege to support children in discovering the excitement found in pursuing a healthier way of life. It is our goal to train kids from a young age in proper hygiene, giving them knowledge they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The results of this are as few cavities as possible, and behaviors to support healthy living.

What is it?
This is a fun way to teach kids about the many ways their bodies and dental disease are connected. In the learning lab, the kids will learn how to properly use many different dental hygiene items (brushes, pastes, flossers, fluorides, rinses, etc.). Our hope is that each visit will result in growing skilled, confident kids with a lifetime of optimal dental health.

learning lab toothbrush

Examples of what they will learn:

How sugar contributes to cavity formation and early diabetes

How bad habits negatively affect our gum tissues

Science experiments to SEE the way sugars attack

Nutrition choices that can alter the bacteria in our mouths

Anatomy of the oral cavity

learning lab xray

In the lab:

Play with dental materials

See how X-rays work

Feel decay on an extracted tooth

Place sealants on extracted teeth

Take your own impressions

Use a microscope to see bacteria

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